How To Kill Bees

Some Useful Tips On How To Kill Bees

When a protective or territorial species of bee takes a liking to the parameter of your yard, you know they need to go, but you don’t necessarily know how. To kill bees is to be rid of bees, and you will find some quick relief from your bee woes here.

Wasps and their nesting habits are different than those of bees, and ridding yourself and your family of them takes more specific know how. To kill bees, you need to first determine whether or not they have colonized on your property or within the foundation of your home or out buildings. Bees which have nested within your walls and fascia can be killed by using a strong chemical spray formulated specifically for bees, wasps, and hornets. This will need to be done in either the late evening or early morning hours, while all of the bees are in the hive.

There are household items which can be used as well, once you know how. To kill bees with such products as boric acid, or Borax, you will need to sprinkle large amounts of the powder on and around the nesting area. This method is a slow one, and depends solely on the bees systematically carrying the poison to the confines within the hive structure.

Once the population within the hive has been depleted, you will want to destroy the nest to deter other bees from taking over the empty domicile for their own. The Borax treated nests will be difficult to determine as far as timing goes, but with either method you will need to observe the activity of the nest for a couple of days. A second spraying may need to be administered should some occupants survive the first.

Wearing heavy sweat clothes with elasticized sleeves and legs, as well as thick gloves, will protect you should an angry inhabitant or two remain during removal of the nest. Using heavy duty garbage bags, doubled, will be a good insulated barrier to place the nests in for the most secure disposal.

If your problem is not with colonized, but with bees who frequent the personal space in your yard, there are simple and cheap homemade traps that you can make to rid yourself of them. You can create an effective trap of your own by doing the following:

-Cut the top of an empty two liter bottle off, just above the half way mark of the bottle.

-Flip the cut top over and place it inside the bottom half. It should now look like a funnel inside of a cup.

-Staple the pieces together at the rim.

-Fill the bottle with sweet juice or nectar water, leaving about an inch of air between the lip of the bottle and the surface of the liquid.

-Affix your new trap to a post or tree nearest the place that the bees enjoy frequenting. Many will find their way in, and very few will find a way back out.